Vitality Bath Bombs

High potency full spectrum water soluble cannabinoid tub soaks!

Seeing a lot of advancement in this field the past decade has given us a reason to evolve this product beyond its already amazing benefits! 

Ingredients  – Citric Acid, Sodium bicarbonate, Essential Oil, Peppermint oil, Vitamin E, Alvacado Oil, Coconut oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Polysorbate, Natural Mica Dyes  

We have formulated  our bath bombs to a Relax and Vigor formula. We have tailored key scents, cannabinoid ratios and profiles, weather it be indica / sativa / full spectrum / terpene contents. The balance of these has been something we have taken invested research into finding what would be most effective. 

Available in 3 sizes we have our small 2 pack best used for single person smaller tubs, or footbaths. Our regular Size which is perfect for the ultimate relaxation experience. We also have our big bomb! This is not for the feint of heart in a small single person tub. Great for a garden tub or extra large tub. Even though its hard to get stoned via a topical use. This bomb rivals all that we know of how a topical can act. Mostly intended for those looking for narcotic replacement strength relief, or have a high topical tolerance. The big bomb is sure to get you a bath experience you won't forget! 

Custom Medical Patient products available

Sticking with in the rights of the legal system we are able to custom make special orders for Medical patients and have them available at stores. This includes stronger products even in edible form.  We even make a hypoallergenic bath bomb that uses no dyes or essential oils. Great for the sensitive skin users. 

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